"Tracers" have been a tradition at Zeta Nu for many years.

A tracer is defined as a projectile, usually a television set (but sometimes such diverse items as a vaccum cleaner, microwave oven, or pumpkin) thrown off our balcony onto the concrete below, for the amusement of brothers and guests alike.

Tracers are more enjoyable when plugged in. Zeta Nu owns an industrial-strength, extra-long extension cord for this purpose. This way, instead of just smashing to pieces, the plugged-in appliances explode as well.

Alumni of our house sometimes donate tracers, usually at our larger parties, for our enjoyment. They usually don't get thrown until late at night.

One would be surprised at how much pleasure he or she can derive from throwing a plugged-in television set off a 20 foot high balcony. Or watching such a thing.

Throwing a tracer:

Heaving a tracer over the balcony

Amused partygoers always enjoy watching a tracer:

Partygoers watching the tracer

Of course, after it's thrown...

Two ZN members next to tracer rubbish

"Hey, who's gonna clean this up?"

More about tracers

Remember, safety first!

The PUMPKIN Tracer!

Another one about to bite the dust...

The DELUXE Tracer!