Zoonie Boonie

The annual Alumni Zoonie Boonie ("Zoonie Boonie") is, by far, the biggest and best of any of our parties. Held on our alumni weekend in the spring, it's definitely not a party to miss. The first official Zoonie Boonie was in 1964, a year after a wildly successful spontaneous outdoor party. Zeta Nu realized that such a party can be quite some fun. In 2009, we celebrated our 45th Zoonie Boonie. All proceeds from the Boonie go towards a charitable cause every year.

Thrown each April, when the weather is finally nice; the party lasts from 1pm to 5pm outdoors.

Bands are hired to play on our back porch for the enjoyment of partygoers:

'95 Zoonie Boonie: Johnny and the T's on the back porch

Partygoers have the opportunity to enjoy live music, socialize, and play games. Hamburgers and hotdogs are abundant, allowing you to stick around a little longer before heading to pick up a fatbag or bagel. A newer tradition has arisen; the slip-n-slide:

Zoonie Boonie 2006: Slip 'n Slide

This is a picture from the 2005 Zoonie Boonie:

Zoonie Boonie 2005

Here's a picture of the crowd from the 1995 Zoonie Boonie:

Crowd from '95 Zoonie Boonie

Zoonie Boonie Crowd

And here's a picture from the 1993 Zoonie Boonie:

'93 Zoonie Boonie