Zeta Nu Leadership Association (ZNLA)

Zeta Nu graduates go on to become Zeta Nu alumni. However, just because a past-member of Zeta Nu (alumnus) no longer lives in Potsdam, doesn't attend Clarkson, nor lives at the house, this doesn't mean he stops being a part of Zeta Nu. On the contrary, Zeta Nu has over five hundred alumni from the past five decades. All of these are members of the Zeta Nu Leadership Association.

Membership in the ZNLA is voluntary and free. ZN alumni enjoy the benefits of an alumni directory containing the names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. of all known ZN alumni, a yearly newsletter, the Zeta Nus, which is mailed to each alumnus and additional letters and updates as the House and the ZNLA governing board, the ZNLA, feels fit.

There are also meetings a few times each semester of the ZNLA where matters of importance to the house (finances, rush, philanthropy, physical plant planning, public exposure, events, etc.) are discussed. Each alumnus is welcome to attend and give his input.

These meetings (usually held the day of the major events- the Halloween Party, the Birthday Party and the Zoonie Boonie) are also a chance for alumni to reminisce about past nostalgic times, bond with fellow alumni from their era and others, and get up to date with the current active membership.

Alumni give much to the active membership, and don't just tell us "what to do". Alumni provide:

Alumni are frequently in touch with actives in the form of letters, phone calls, and e-mails as well as the full meetings of the Alumni Association. There is also a moderated e-mail discussion list, called ZNFO (Zeta Nu inFOrmation), administrator Andrew Foster '09, with approximately 206 alumni members. There is also an alumni website ZNLA.org , maintained by James Licata '10 where Alumni can keep track of each other and events outside the active membership.

Alumni are one of Zeta Nu's most important assets. In the past decades, they formed the brotherhood into the respected association that it is right now. Alumni will continue to help Zeta Nu flourish in the future.